Why Kato Polyclay?

Kato Polyclay was formulated to embody the most desirable working properties possible. Strength, stability, firmness, and a wide spectrum of colors allow users to create pieces of artistic excellence. Kato Polyclay is a unique line of polymer clay created specifically for artists.

Strength and durability are very important properties in any polymer clay product. The amount of time and effort put into your project makes it very valuable; when a piece breaks it can be very disappointing.  After curing, Kato Polyclay is extremely durable and will not break.

Because of its firmness, Kato Polyclay is an excellent choice for creating canes. When sliced, it will maintain its shape and minimize distortion, unlike softer clays. Its desired firmness eliminates the “squishy” factor.

Color Stability
With other polymer clays, there is often a significant difference between the color of the packaged clay and the clay after it has been cured. Kato Polyclay has a minimal color shift when cured. The color of the raw clay is the same as the color you get after curing.

Color Spectrum
There are 21 colors available in the Kato Polyclay line. This includes 8 spectral colors, 5 neutral colors, including translucent, 4 metallic colors, and 4 concentrated colors. All colors are intermixable, enabling the artist to create virtually any color imaginable.