Poly Paste

Poly Paste is a heavy-bodied adhesive that will not run when applied to vertical surfaces. Poly Paste can be used to attach cured and uncured pieces in any combination. Unlike other adhesives, Poly Paste fuses the two pieces together and creates a permanent bond.


Poly Paste will never dry out even if exposed to air. When cured at elevated temperatures, it will show no signs of degradation unlike other adhesives. Other ways to use Poly Paste include texturing, grouting, embossing, repairing cracks, and gilding when mixed with mica powders.


In order to take effect, Poly Paste must be cured. It may be cured between 265F (135C) and 325F (165C) for 10-30 minutes, depending on the polymer clay used and the recommended curing temperature.





poly paste tutorial video


Safety Data Sheet