Repel Gel

Repel Gel is a non-toxic, water soluble polymer clay medium that prevents polymer clay from adhering to itself during the curing process. It’s easy to use and because it is water soluble, it’s easy to clean-up.


To apply Repel Gel to a project, use a paintbrush to spread a thin coat to the surface where adhesion is not desired. Remember to apply to all surfaces and edges where you would like to prevent the clay from adhering. Cure with piece at recommended time and temperature. After the cured piece has cooled, separate the clay where the Repel Gel was applied and rinse off any residue with cold water.

Repel Gel can be used to assist in creating lids, braids, loops, pouches, handles, fringe, photo frames, and luggage tags.























Repel Gel can also be used as a crackle paint when mixed with mica powders.
A final coat of Kato Clear Medium must be applied to crackled paint to insure permanency.

Safety Data Sheet