kato concentrates

Kato Concentrates are available in a package of four 1 oz. bars; this includes Concentrate Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green. These colors have been formulated with a high concentration of color pigment. They should never be used as is, but as a tinting aid.


They may be added to other colors to deepen them or to create new colors that are not available in the Kato Polyclay color line. Adding Concentrates to translucent will create translucent colors and adding them to white will create pastels. Metallic colors may be achieved by adding a small amount of a Kato Concentrate to a metallic color (Pearl and Gold work best).


Because these colors have such a high concentration of pigment, it is best to start by adding a very small amount to the color you are mixing them with. This high pigment concentration also increases the possibility of hand staining, so you may consider wearing thin disposable gloves when mixing colors by hand.