Tips & Techniques

Conditioning Polyclay

Before you begin building a project with Kato Polyclay it is important to condition the clay. Conditioning revives your clay and makes it more pliable and easier to use. This can be compared to warming up and stretching before a work-out.



To condition your clay, start by rolling it out with a clay roller or a pasta machine. Fold the clay and roll it out again, repeat until desired workability is achieved. If neither of these tools is available, the clay may be worked by hand. Although equally effective, this method is harder and may take longer.



Although warmth eases the process of conditioning, it is not advised that you expose the clay to elevated temperatures because it may begin to cure. Liquid Polyclay (Clear Medium) or Poly Paste may be added to Kato Polyclay to ease conditioning and improve workability. When polymer clay is conditioned, it should have a surface sheen. It should be free of surface bubbles, smooth, and feel soft and pliable.