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Liquid Polyclay Techniques

Faux Glass and Window Clings

Faux glass and window clings are great decorative pieces. Because Liquid Polyclay and most of the COLOR Liquid Polyclay is transparent, they allow light to shine through. This creates a beautiful stained glass window effect.


Liquid Polyclay can also be used as an adhesive. Because it is a polymer clay, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issues that are sometimes experienced other adhesives.


Coasters can be made with a mold or freehand. Depending on your experience, you can make a very simple coaster or a very detailed one.


Liquid Polyclay can be used to assist with photo transfers or to preserve pictures.


Transparent or opaque hinges with custom designs are easy to make from Liquid Polyclay. These hinges are extremely flexible. They can be used for greeting cards or small books made with Kato Polyclay.

Finishing Glaze

For a shiny finish, Liquid Polyclay may be used as a glaze.


COLOR Liquid Polyclay can be used as paint on polymer clay pieces, glass, metal cans, jewelry, mirrors, etc. Once cured, it will not flake like other paints.